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Something different for a day out? Haarlem, Alkmaar or Amsterdam city centre are less than a 30-minute journey from Uitgeest train station (10 minutes from us by bike with free parking).


19 min
50 min
58 min

Alkmaar has lively, friendly city centre. As well as the shopping area, the ‘old town’ is also well worth visiting. In this old part of the city, you can walk along canals via narrow streets with beautiful authentic buildings. This is where you’ll also find very special local shops and restaurants. Alkmaar is also known for its cheese. The Alkmaar Prachtstad website has more information about shopping, visiting museums and events in Alkmaar. shopping, visiting museums and events in Alkmaar.

Alkmaar is easily reached from Uitgeest by car (14 min) or with public transport (15 min). You can also cycle from Alkmaar from Uitgeest in about 45 minutes. Finally, you can also travel to Alkmaar by boat, click here for more information. Here you will find more information.


Windmills panorama in Zaanse Schans, North Holland, traditional village, tourists, blue sky
17 min
34 min
47 min

The Zaanstreek region has something for everyone. You can go into Zaandam for a day of shopping, for example. The city centre has many lovely shops and outdoor seating areas.

You can drive to the Zaanse Schans from Uitgeest in about 20 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes by public transport, and 40 minutes by bike. Zaandam can be very easily reached by public transport (17 minutes) and car (25 minutes). Cycling there takes approximately 50 minutes. It’s also really nice to travel to Zaanse Schans and Zaandam by boat. Here is where you’ll find more information about travelling to the Zaanstreek by boat. Here you will find more information about sailing to the Zaanstreek.


25 min
1 uur 26 min
1 uur 12 min

Haarlem is a wonderful city to visit. It has a very friendly historic centre with famous museums and great shops and restaurants. Haarlem also has some of the most beautiful hidden gems - little courtyards - dotted throughout the city. A city walk is, therefore, highly recommended. Haarlem also has some great shops to browse in. In addition to the well-known chain stores, the shopping streets are also home to many boutiques and concept stores with unusual and unique products.

Driving to Haarlem from Uitgeest takes less than 20 minutes. It takes about 25 minutes by public transport. Travelling to Haarlem by bike or boat is not so easy.


32 min
1 uur 30 min
59 min

Travelling from Uitgeest to our country's capital is easiest by car or public transport. Amsterdam, of course, has plenty of shops, restaurants and places to see.

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