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Activities nearby

Activities nearby

The Bazaar

De bazaar
13 min
34 min
2 uur
1 u 10 min

The best way to get to the Bazaar from De Hoop Heritage Park is by bike or by car. The Bazaar is a large covered market in Beverwijk, where food items, clothes, Eastern products, jewellery and much more besides, are sold.

Luchtoorlog (Air War) Museum Fort bij Veldhuis

Fort Veldhuis museum 1
11 min
22 min
1 u 27 min

The Air War Museum is easily reached from De Hoop Heritage Park. The museum is housed in one of the 45 forts that form the Amsterdam Defence Line and displays objects that relate to World War II.

Huis van Hilde

Huis van Hilde
19 min
23 min
1 u 23 min
53 min

Huis van Hilde is an archaeology centre in Castricum which always has various events planned. There is also a permanent exhibition which shows how they have recreated realistic figures from human skeletons. Huis van Hilde can be reached by car within twenty minutes, by bike it’s just under half an hour.

Cineworld cinema

15 min
35 min
1 u 59 min
1 u 1 min

The best way to get to Cineworld Cinema from De Hoop Heritage Park is by bike or car. Cineworld is located in Beverwijk and always shows the latest releases. This can vary from children’s movies to films for grown-ups. Most of the showings include intermissions and all of the screens have love seats.

Bunker Museum IJmuiden

23 min
1 u 5 min
3 uur 31 min
1 u 58 min

The best way to get to the Bunker Museum IJmuiden from De Hoop Heritage Park is by car. This war museum is housed in an old German bunker complex that dates from World War II. The museum has a total of seven bunkers, all linked together by a series of trenches. There is also a small submarine on display.

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